Who Is Mr.T?

Who am I and why should you listen to me?
I will try and keep this short as I could probably write a book about myself.

Firstly, I am not someone who goes around telling everyone about myself. I am a silent achiever and tend to play dumb when people carry on about how much they know, when in fact they know very little. I give advice and offer my knowledge where I see it is needed and then its up to the individual whether they listen to me or not.
For many people i am just a stupid bodybuilder. Sadly this is a common stereotype in our society.

I can say this much though, one of my friends once said “Tony has forgotten more than anyone will ever learn”
That may sound silly but the truth is that I never stop learning and need to make room for more info. Therefore I’m constantly sorting out what’s useful and what’s not and discarding the shit. Never forgotten but pushed away to make room for more new information.

I will never stop learning and never stop searching for knowledge. There are only two people in my life who know who I am and what I have achieved, as well as the people who have achieved their goals with me.
Because to most people I am just a stupid bodybuilder so what could I have possibly achieved.

Throughout my career as a Personal Trainer I have trained and prepared people from all different walks of life, into reaching their goals, from athletes to people simply wanting to improve themselves mentally as well as physically.

I have also helped people regain strength and movement following knee surgery, broken backs, shoulder reconstruction, frozen shoulders and everything in-between.

Marathon runners, tri athletes, boxers that weren’t achieving have trained with me and taken my nutrition advice and have soared through the ranks in their fields. Some were even accused of taking performance enhancing drugs due to their rapid improvements.

Then of course there are the male and female bodybuilders, figure girls and army personnel.

I also helped a young girl achieve her dream as an olympic speed skater. This was a new field for me so I researched and developed an individual plan for her. She came to me as she wasn’t performing well and needed strength and nutritional help. She was totally committed and in no time she was winning. She improved so much she reached the state titles, then the Australian titles and went on to make the olympic team. She had the drive and the talent and trusted my knowledge which helped her reach her dream.

Many everyday people just wanting to lose or gain weight or to just feel stronger and healthier have also benefitted from my knowledge and guidance. All that is needed is commitment on your side and to do as I say and you’ll succeed. You will have 100% commitment from me at all times.

I have also been involved in product development for a supplement company as well, from which I gained even more knowledge.

When you are training with me, be aware I’ll know if you’re doing everything I say or not. All it takes is one look and I’ll know.
I’ll know if you’ve been following your plan or if you’ve been cheating. I’ll know exactly what you look like from week to week. My clients soon learn to not try lying as I know and yes they are in big trouble if they cheat. I take my job in training you very seriously and expect you to also. If you can’t commit, then what’s the point? Don’t bother please. It’s a waste of my time as well as yours.
I remember one young lady I was training, walked into the gym one morning and I immediately knew from 10 meters away she was in trouble. Even before she knew it. I said, ” You ate chocolate last night didn’t  you?” She replied, “How could you know that?”
It doesn’t matter how I know, I just do! I know when everyone cheats.

Just know that if you have a goal and are willing to listen and follow my instructions, I WILL get you there. Thats a promise and a guarantee.
Anyway, I hope this gives a little idea of who I am and what I am about.

Stay Strong